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  About VR Panoramas

VR (Virtual Reality) Panoramas are images which surround the viewer with an environment (inside, looking out), giving you a sense of actually being there. They can be "stitched" together from several normal photographs (in the case of the panoramas on this website), or captured with specialized panoramic cameras, or rendered from 3D-modeled scenes.  Rather than a static image, these panoramic photographs are a wonderful way of preserving a memory of a holiday, or a special occasion.

The panoramic pictures on this website have all been taken using various cameras, and taken between 2010 and 2011.  They have been 'stitched' together using specialist software. In order to view these panoramic photographs, your web browser must support HTML5.

When interacting with the panoramas on this site, you can enable/disable the map, and you can also enable/disable the sound of the water beneath the planks (although for that authentic sea-side experience I recommend that you leave it on!)

I hope you enjoy these panoramas.

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