Commodore Amiga

Name : The 3D Kit Game
Created By : Incentive Software (Came with the 3DCK)


Name : The 3D Kit 2 Game
Created By : Andrew Smith & Incentive (Came with the 3DCK2)


Name : Castle of the Red Death
Created By : J Hunk


Name : Devils Abode
Created By : Tony Hartley


Name : DIY2
Created By : Shad Art


Name : Endurance
Created By : Ozzy O'Mara


Name : Ghostship
Created By : Paul Timson


Name : Meteor
Created By : Unknown


Name : New Stubb City
Created By : James Houghtaling


Name : No Mercy
Created By : Emilio Perez


Name : Radiation
Created By : Jaztech Amiga Software


Name : Raise the Titanic
Created By : C Millan


Name : Project Shield
Created By : C Millan


Name : Virtual World
Created By : Unknown


Name : Wasteland
Created By : Unknown


Name : Shad-Art Collection (DIY, CAR, OXO)
Created By : Shad-Art

Notes : A trio of great 3D kit games.


Name : Raiders of the Lost Star Trek Videos
Created By : Stuart Wilson


Name : Tower
Created By : Bruno Pommier

Notes : The game is in French.

Commodore Amiga 3D Kit Games that exist but are missing from this site :-
War of the Worlds, by Unknown
Submarine, by Mieke Van Der Poll
Darkness Calls, by James H. Yusuf
Planet of the Daleks, by Steve Hilder
Escape from the Planet of Cardboard Monsters, by Andrew Herbert
The Mountain Adventure, by Mieke Van Der Poll
Atlantis, by Mieke Van Der Poll
Magical Maze, by Mieke Van Der Poll
Hunter, by Unknown
Citadel, by Unknown
Mysterious Adventure Part 1, by Stuart Wilson (Coming soon!!)
Mysterious Adventure Part 2, by Stuart Wilson (Coming soon!!)
Starship Adventure, by Stuart Wilson (Coming soon!!)